Chihuly Glass House Museum

Jaga Offers Discreet, Immediate Heat at the Chihuly Glass House Museum

Mini canals installed to complement radiant flooring solution and increase comfort control

Opened to the public in May 2012, the Chihuly Garden and Glass is a museum and exhibition hall located at the base of the Space Needle in Seattle, Wash.

Mini Canal

Warm power, minimum recess depth

Minimum recess depth, maximum heat. Mini Canal starts at 3.5” (9 cm). That is why it is the perfect solution for multiple storeys or floating floors (raised floors). Mini Canal is delivered ready-to-mount.

Hidden under the grille is an ultra fast Low-H2O element. An ideal complement to fl oor heating systems, but powerful enough to serve as a primary heat source.

Mini Canal is available in lengths from 43” (110 cm) to 193” (490 cm).  


Warm power, invisibly packed
This series of Jaga radiators allows a completely hidden heat option with a field-furnished front panel to match the room’s appearance. The bracket and element assembly mounts into a field constructed wall pocket, and is finished with a panel of the designers choosing over the entire assembly. The finish front of the panel should be planned either flush or slightly recessed of the wall surface. As well, the panel should be removable for any future access into the radiator.

Evergreen Brick Works

Jaga heating solutions help transform old Brick Works facility into icon of sustainability and LEED-EB Platinum building

Opened in September 2010, the Evergreen Brick Works building has been deemed a “cultural beacon” in Toronto. This multi-functional facility is built on the grounds of the Don Valley brickyards, one of Canada’s preeminent brick manufacturing buildings from the late 1800s through 1980.

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