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Summer 2014

Jaga Offers Quiet, Sustainable Heating and Cooling for Wood Innovation Design Centre (WIDC)

Clima Canal Hybrids installed throughout entire perimeter of all-wood building

With construction just completed this past summer, the Wood Innovation Design Centre (WIDC) in Prince George, B.C. is the tallest building in Prince George – and the tallest contemporary wood building in North America. The finished six-story structure will house two educational programs for the University of Northern British Columbia. The all-wood building showcases B.C.’s reputation and expertise as a leader in wood construction, engineered wood products and design. 

To cultivate an ideal learning environment, developers needed a heating and cooling system that could perform at a low noise level. They also required a solution that could provide comfortable temperatures, eliminating cold draughts in the winter and providing relief from the summer heat. Additionally, they wanted a solution that offered a high heating capacity at low water heating temperatures. 

The Perfect Fit

To meet the needs of the WIDC, developers installed 200 continuous Jaga Clima Canal Hybrid heating and cooling units along the perimeters of each floor. To keep in line with the WIDC’s all-wood structure, the units feature natural beech wood grilles. The units are powered by hundreds of little low voltage DC fans, quietly providing the heating and cooling needed for the space. The Clima Canal offers a powerful solution and maximizes space while using less energy, further promoting the building as an example of what is possible in regards to community sustainability.  Operating at low-water temperatures, the Clima Canal Hybrid units are able to react quickly to temperature changes, enabling occupants to stay comfortable regardless of internal or external heat loads. 

“The WIDC is a great example of how developers can use wood solutions to meet every-day design and constructions needs,” said Cyrus Kangarloo, Jaga engineer and HVAC system advisor. “The Clima Canal with wood grilles is a great addition to this project and further promotes the inventive nature of the building.”   Dub Architects 

Built into raised window sills, the space saving design of the Clima Canal Hybrid allows for added seating or workspace for students. Additionally, the units create a curtain of air between windows and heat generated by the radiator, reducing overall heat loss and condensation while promoting energy-efficiency and cutting costs.


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