Sir James Douglas School

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Sir James Douglas School Breaths Life into New Classrooms with Oxygen from Jaga

Quiet fresh air circulation system shown to improve student performance and comfort

When you went to school, your teachers likely had to open the windows to keep fresh air flowing in the room. In doing so, they forfeited the attention of about half the class to exterior noises such as honking horns, people talking, etc.

When engineers for the Sir James Douglas School, a public elementary school based in Vancouver, British Columbia, made plans for its new academic buildings, they also wanted to improve the ventilation of its classrooms while staying ultra efficient. With multiple studies demonstrating the positive impact good ventilation plays on student performance, it’s an upgrade that many schools are considering.

With no previous ventilation in system in place at the old building, engineers for the new academic facility wanted a system that enabled them to decentralize the ventilation used throughout the 38 classrooms. The ideal system would work in conjunction with a low temperature hydronic heating system in the building and help reduce overall energy costs.

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