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Jaga Provides Safe Heating to Award-Winning CAMBA Gardens

Maxi radiators give residents of sustainable social housing development
safe, energy-efficient heating


Developed by CAMBA Housing Ventures Inc. (CHV), CAMBA Gardens is a transit-oriented, affordable and supportive housing development comprised of 209 units, including 132 studio apartments, 29 one-bedrooms, 33 two-bedrooms and 15 three-bedrooms. CAMBA Gardens’ two buildings were completed in 2013 on the Kings County Hospital Center (KCHC) campus in Brooklyn, New York at 690 and 738 Albany Avenue.
CHV aimed to create a sustainable housing development that would promote tenant health and stability, while meeting LEED® Platinum, Enterprise Green Communities and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) standards. In addition to installing a rooftop solar panel system and high-efficiency showers, sinks and toilets, CHV wanted to include energy-efficient radiators, since heating accounts for a large percentage of total building costs.

A Small but Powerful Solution

To meet the project’s sustainability goals, the developer installed 414 Maxi WT radiators from Jaga Climate Systems. The units at 690 Albany Ave. were equipped with 190 Maxis while the units at 738 Albany Ave. received 224 Maxis.
The radiators are well-suited for the high-efficiency boilers and pumps installed within the two buildings. The Maxi’s low-H20 technology guarantees powerful heat emission, ensuring accurate warming, quick reactions to changing indoor temperatures and significant energy savings.
The Maxi units promote safety through the low-H20 technology, which ensures that the surface temperature of outer casings remains cool to the touch. This eliminates the risk of occupants being burned by their heating units. They are also free of the sharp edges found on traditional radiators, making them safer for tenants.

The compact units, which fit seamlessly against walls within tenants’ rooms to save space, are easy to install and maintain.
Since its construction, CAMBA Gardens has received a 2014 Building Brooklyn Award in the residential affordable category for its outstanding performance in residential construction. CAMBA achieved LEED Platinum Certification, the highest certification level, due to its efforts for energy efficiency, water conservation and indoor air quality. The property also earned Enterprise Green Communities Certification and ENERGY STAR® certification through the NYSERDA.


“CAMBA Gardens is a unique project that truly harnessed the idea of sustainability at every stage of its development in order to preserve our planet and create an enjoyable and affordable environment for tenants,” said Bert Kriekels, Jaga Climate Systems. “We’re honored that our Maxi radiators were incorporated into this environment-focused property. The elegant units will provide tenants with more responsive and safe heating for years to come.”

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