Due to the application of the specially designed Jaga pre-settable Trv’s, the water flow (Kv) in the element can be perfectly adjusted for an optimal performance. The Trv with built in balancing control has two control possibilities. The first flow regulation can be controlled by the thermostatic valve. A setting from 1-6 can be chosen depending on the required flow. This setting limits the maximum flow to the radiator, which is determined by the location of the radiator in the heating circuit. The second control is executed by the thermostatic head which balances the flow between the newly set maximum and zero. This maintains a constant temperature in the room.
• Due to the correct quantity control of the required amount of water to the different heating elements energy is being saved.
• After the night period, when all Trv’s are fully opened, the balancing control allows the furthest heating elements to get the required amount of hot water.
• The water flow temperature can be reduced earlier because of the uniform heating up of all heating elements, which will restrict the energy loss.
• The noise of the flowing water will also be reduced thanks to the balancing flow control.
• The optimal water distribution allows the use of a smaller water circulation pump
• The water distribution to the different heating elements can easily be adapted when extending or changing the heating system.

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